Baby bottle Uv cabinet
Baby bottle Uv cabinet
Baby bottle Uv cabinet
Baby bottle Uv cabinet
Baby bottle Uv cabinet
Baby bottle Uv cabinet

Smart Electric Infant UV Sterilzer Bottle Disinfection Cabinet

UVC LED lamp with mercury-free lamp beads, Low price UV bottle sterilizer for all bottles and multi items can be disinfected

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    304 stainless steel+PP+ABS
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Product Items: Smart Electric Infant UV Sterilzer Bottle Disinfection Cabinet

This Infant bottle disinfection cabinet use special LED lights to emit UV, killing off bacteria safely and quickly.


disinfection uv

What Yoice can offer

  • sterilizer uvc

    Build-in 10 Deep Ultraviolet LED Lamp Beads

    Instantly Defeat A Variety Of Common Bacteria

  • uvc sterilizer

    8K Multi-prism Diffraction Technology

    5+1 Surface Wrapped Sterilization

  • 60℃ bottle drying

    60℃ Low Temperature Drying

    Suitable For All Kinds Of Milk Bottles Materials

  • Baby items sterilizer

    Multifunction Baby Uv Sterilizer



Product Feature:

22L Large Capacity - Double layer 304 stainless steel shelf, meet babies' daily needs

10pcs Mercury-free Lamp Beads- Strong penetrating and strong cleaning bacteria

8K Mirror Sterilization - The cavity of the machine adopts 8K multi-prism diffraction technology, equipped with upper and lower double-layer three-dimensional lamp beads for balanced illumination, and 5+1 surface wrapped sterilization, so that germs have nowhere to escape.

60℃ Low Temperature Drying - Do not hurt milk bottles, suitable for all kind of materials bottles

12 Hours Clean Bacteria Storage& Night Light Design  - Automatic circulation of sterilization and ventilation every hour, and built-in induction LED light

UV 0 Leak - The intelligent induction stops working when the door is opened to avoid the leakage of ultraviolet rays

HEPA Composite Air Filter System - To avoid secondary pollution, filter cotton at the air inlet, finely filter dust, particles and harmful substances in the air to ensure that clean air enters


Product Parameter:

Material: 304 Stainless steel+PP+ABS

Voltage: 220V~50Hz

Power: 150W

Capacity: 22L

Color: White/Custom

Plug Type: US/UK/AU/EU/ etc

Product Size: 386mm*300mm*390mm

Number of sterilization lamps: 16pcs

Warranty: 1 Year


About Our Sales


Yoice and OIDIRE are our self owned factory brand who provides customer with cost effective small kitchen product and baby items. We are always looking for partners interested in selling our products at your countries. Tell us who you are to help us provide better service for you. Click here


• Stable quality

• Popular style


Brand Customer

OEM capability

• Self owned factory

• Quality assurance

OEM &ODM Service

UV Sterilizer FAQs:


Q: How does the UV ligth kill the bacteria?

A: UV light destroys germs at the DNA level. After a lot of research, UV-C light can destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria, thereby eliminating the ability of bacteria to reproduce, and enhance the disinfection efficiency and eliminate the peculiar smell.


Q: Are you qualified manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are an ISO, CCC, CB, CE approved manufacturer specialized in maternal infant and small kitchen appliances. OEM & ODM services are available, with an experienced R&D team, more than 100 new products are developed every year


Q: Where is your factory located? How can i visit there?

A: Our factory is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong. It takes about 2 hours from Guangzhou to our factory


Q: Can we print our logo and change the colors of the products?

A: Yes! You can print your logo and most of the parts of products you can change the color, just need to provide Pantone Number and reach our MOQ


Q: Can we get your samples?

A: Yes! Samples can be arranged for those available products. The Delivery Fee will be on buyer's account


Q: What is the lead time for mass production?

A: Miminum lead time as short as 10 days


Q: How can you guanantee the quality? 

A: We have rigorous quality test system, from raw materials to finished products. The materials must be checked and signed by QC people before send out, and we provide 1 year warranty

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2. OEM (products with customized brand)