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    As is known to all, air fryers are one of the latest kitchen fads. In recent years, more and more families are owning it and especially the major e-commerce platforms, physical stores are selling electric air fryers. But why are air fryers so popular? Do you really know about multifunction home air fryers?   The history of Air Fryer Air fryer, the original patent was filed by Turbochef Technologies in 2005, mainly for large hotel chains and caterers. In 2010, the Dutch brand Philips launched its new kitchen appliance Air fryer at the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in Berlin. The Electric Air fryer has since been marketed to Europe and Australia, followed by North America, Japan, the Middle East, India and others.       Traditional Frying VS Air Fryer   Traditional Frying The traditional way of frying, the medium used is cooking oil, because cooking oil can be 360 degrees without dead ends to wrap the ingredients, while the liquid cooking oil, but also the heat can be well conducted, so the food fried out of both crispy and sweet. In wanting to wrap the ingredients 360 degrees, it will take a lot of cooking oil, along with the cooking out of the ingredients will also have a lot of oil, and people in eating too much these oil, the body will bear a great burden, and over time will affect human health.     Air Fryer The principle is high-speed air circulation technology, which heats the heat pipe inside the machine at high temperature to form hot air, followed by a fan to blow the high-temperature air into the pan to heat the ingredients, so that the hot air circulates in the closed space, using the ingredients' own grease to fry food, thereby dehydrating the ingredients and turning the surface layer golden and crispy to achieve the effect of frying. Equivalent to a small oven with a fan. Know more about the Air Fryer       Are Air-Fried foods Better for you?  By most measures, air frying is healthier than frying in oil. It cuts calories by 70% to 80% and has a lot less fat. This cooking method might also cut down on some of the other harmful effects of oil frying.   Air fryer advantages: 1) No preheating, very friendly relative to time-poor people 2) does not take up space, space-saving, easy to move, convenient 3) less oil easy to clean   More details about the smart air fryer    
  • About The Yogurt
    About The Yogurt
    What is YOGURT? Yogurt has been a food for at least 4,500 years.  But do you know what's yogurt?    Classification of yogurt 1.Classified by production method (1) Set, Plain yogurt: The milk is filled and sealed immediately after adding the production starter, and then sent to the fermentation room, where the product is fermented in the packaging container.     (2) Stirred Yogurt: Inoculate the production starter in the fermenter. After solidification, stir it into a cup or other container. Or add fruit, etc. to enrich its taste.     (3) Frozen yogurt     (4) Yogurt drink: Ordinary yogurt is used as raw material and processed by adding other non-dairy ingredients. The concentration is generally thin and the fluidity is good. 2. Yogurts are classified according to their fat content: There are 4 kinds of high-fat yogurt, full-fat yogurt, low-fat yogurt, and nonfat yogurt. 3. According to health properties, it can be divided into ordinary yogurt and special yogurt, such as bifido yogurt and probiotic yogurt. 4. According to whether sweeteners are added, it can also be divided into sugar-free yogurt (add more xylitol or/and cyclamate, etc.) and sugary yogurt.   The Benefits of Yogurt     As is known to all,  yogurt is benefit for health. It's very nutritious, and eating it regularly have several aspects of your health, such aspromote gastrointestinal digestionmay, Improve body immunity, reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, as well as assist with weight management.       But some yogurts on the market have added a lot of sugar, which is too high in calories. If you eat too much, you will be more likely to gain weight. So make yogurt by yourself maybe a good way, homemade electric yogurt maker easily DIY delicious kinds of yogurt. Capacity 1000ML large capacity to meet whole family needs   Smart Control Panel Multifunctional yogurt maker to meet various needs   Multifunctional Yogurt Maker Machine Not only yogurt maker but also rice wine maker and natto maker, all kinds of patterns are not limited   Working Time  Yogurt for 10 hours, natto for 18 hours and rice wine for 36 hours   Constant Temperature Controller  PTC heating element is automatically constant temperature to maintain the fermentation activity of lactic acid bacteria   CONTACT US FOR FREE SAMPLE

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