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7 Natural Ways to Produce More Breast Milk Sep 27, 2022

Breastfeeding provides plenty of  benefits  for you and your little one. But breastfeeding doesn't always come easy—and creating enough breast milk can be a big problem!The most common causes of low supply are inadequate food and fluid intake, fatigue, high stress levels, and feeding the baby too infrequently or for only short periods of time.


not enough breastmilk


Not sure how to make enough milk to feed your little one? Try the following 7 tips to maximize your breast milk production naturally.


1. Eat a Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Diet

This healthy diet plan is heavy on fruits and vegetables, whole grains like brown rice, foods rich in omega-3s like salmon and flaxseeds, and vegetable proteins. Aim for about 2,500 calories per day.


Eat a Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Diet


2. Drink Plenty of Water

Your body can't make milk if you're dehydrated. And you need more water than you probably think—in addition to the doctor-recommended eight glasses per day, you should add another 4 glasses in.


Drink Plenty of Water


3. Sleep Whenever Possible

Get restorative nightly sleep as often as you can and nap during the day when the baby is sleeping.


Sleep Whenever Possible


4. Find Ways to Stress Less

Regularly practice healthy stress-reduction techniques, such as breathing work, do yoga and etc.


Find Ways to Stress Less


5. Delegate What You Can

Ask your family for help with household duties, you can focus on feeding your baby and getting some rest.


Delegate What You Can


6. Breastfeed Often

The more often and the longer your little one latches on to suck, the more milk you'll produce. A lactation consultant can teach you the best techniques and positions to help you and your baby get the most out of breastfeeding.


Breastfeed Often


7. Check Out Some Natural Breastfeeding Helpers

A bowl of oatmeal a day is a traditional milk booster that's also good for you.


Natural Breastfeeding Helpers

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