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How to Warm Breast Milk to Preserve the Nutrients Sep 16, 2022

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As a new parent, you may be different reasons for you to opt to Electric Breast Pump or feed breast milk directly. However, sometimes, When the baby is too late to eat, you need storing the expressed milk in the freezer or refrigerator for using it subsequently, it is important to learn how to warm it up so that its nutrients remain intact! If you think that what is the big deal with warming up, well, it is trickier than you think. If you want to learn different ways to warm up breast milk and other important aspects related to the topic, just read the following to get more information!


Why You Need Warm Breast Milk Before Feeding

If you want to give cold breast milk to your little one, you can do that, and there is no harm for your little one. However, the milk that babies feed directly from the breast is slightly warm; this means babies may prefer warm breast milk than cold ones. Another important reason to warm up the milk is to make it more digestible and nourishing for the babies because warmer foods are easier to digest than colder ones. Also, when the milk is refrigerated or frozen, the fat usually separates, and by warming it up or even bringing it to the room temperature helps in restoring the consistency of the milk.


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How to store breast milk?

Can be done in the following way:

Room temperature: ≤ 25°C or 77°F, 6 hours

Storage Tips

• If you are not going to breastfeed your baby within 6 hours of expressing, you should freeze or refrigerate it within an hour of expressing refrigeration.

• Label the container with the date and time.

• Store small amounts separately to prevent wasting breast milk.

• Always allow freshly expressed breast milk to cool before adding to frozen or frozen breast milk.

• When freezing, leave an inch of space above the container.




Can Microwave Breast Milk?

Never thaw or heat breast milk in a microwave. Microwaving can destroy nutrients in breast milk and create hot spots, which can burn a baby's mouth. 


When breast milk is heated, it is best not to exceed 56 degrees. High temperature heating above 56 degrees Celsius will reduce the activity of A-immunoglobulin and enzymes. It is best to heat it at around 40 degrees. Mothers who want to save time and energy can choose a Electric Bottle Warmer, set the temperature of the milk warmer at 40 °C, and heat breast milk in water.

The Breastmilk Warmer, its principle is the same as "warm water heating", but the milk warmer is more intelligent and more convenient. Pour the thawed breast milk into the bottle, put it in the bottle warmer, press the button, the bottle warmer will automatically heat up, which is very fast and convenient.


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Why Choose Electric Bottle Warmer?

Bottle Warmer Benefits

Bottle warmers are considered healthier options than the microwave or the stove because they use a water bath or steam to warm the milk, constant temperature control without uneven heating or severely damaging the properties of the milk, and any material bottle can be heated on the bottle warmer.


• PP Safe Material

• Fast Warming

• 360°Steam sterilizing

• 24H Constant Warming

• Soft Night Light Function

• Large Capacity Double Bottle Design

• Safe Automatic Power-off Design


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