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Best UV Steilizer For Your Little One Aug 25, 2022

It's important to sterilise all your baby's feeding equipment, including bottles, nipple, toys,and other baby feeding product. There are lots of innovative sterilisers to help make this process easier and one of the most advanced ones are UV sterilisers, which can sterilise your little one's bottles get out of bacteria and germ.


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Is UV sterilizer safe for babies?

Yes, they are safe for babies, in fact, medical professionals have relied on UV sterilising to sterilise rooms and equipment for years now. Also, unlike UVB rays, which causes sunburn, UV sterilisers use artificial UVC rays, which kill germs and bacteria, safely and quickly.


What's UV?

UV Technology


DNA & RNA is the genetic material that makes up all living organisms, controlling their growth, development, functioning and reproduction. UV light produces electromagnetic energy that can destroy the ability of microorganisms to reproduce and cause inactivation of microbes by causing mutations and/or cell death. 

UV light produces electromagnetic energy that can destroy the ability of microorganisms to reproduce and by causing photo-chemical reactions in nucleic acids (DNA & RNA).  The ultraviolet energy triggers the formation of specific thymine or cytosine dimers in DNA and uracil dimers in RNA, which causes inactivation of microbes by causing mutations and/or cell death and failure to reproduce.     


The UV region covers the wavelength range 100-400 nm and is divided into three bands:

UVA (315-400 nm)

UVB (280-315 nm)

UVC (100-280 nm)




We care what you care, our best UV sterilizer using this technology, UV light destroys germs at the DNA level. After a lot of research, UV-C light can destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria, thereby eliminating the ability of bacteria to reproduce, and enhance the disinfection efficiency and eliminate the peculiar smell.  To protect you and your little one's healthy.


bottle warmer and sterilizer in one


If you choose to bottle feed your baby, you need a good quality and reliable bottle UV sterilizer to help you keep all of your equipment clean and hygienic. Babies have very sensitive digestive systems. So every bottle, breast pump, and nipple must be zapped free of germs and bacteria between each feed. This newest baby UV bottle sterilizer keep your baby away from harmful germs with powerful UV light, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria


uv sterilizer and dryer

Product Parameter:

Product Model: ODI-XDG07F

Number of sterilization lamps: 16pcs

Capacity: 22L

Product Size:386mm*300mm*390mm

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